Custom products, prototypes, 2D and 3D CAD design

We custom build each product
to your exact specifications

We know that you want to maximize your workspace and to have the best workflow possible. That’s why our team is here to help you with custom products to meet your needs. We can help you to turn your vision into reality, from design to production. We can proudly say that we meet the high demands of our customers due to our many years of experience.

Our precision capabilities have led us to produce a wide range of products used in the food industry. Understanding the specific requirements for food safety helps us support our customers in each step of the manufacturing process.

When producing custom kitchen equipment, the most popular metal is stainless steel. Save yourself from constantly worrying about wear and tear.

Find out more about stainless steel

Standard products
with non-standard dimensions

By browsing our products, we are certain that you saw something that meets your needs. But maybe you don’t have enough space or you have too much space we can make it fit. We can produce the standard product in the desired dimensions.

Every project has something different, maybe you need some custom dimensions or maybe you need something totally custom. We can make it happen.

small space
large space

Matching available space with workflow and products

Some kitchens are big, some are small, but every kitchen needs to have a perfect workflow. With our 10+ years of experience, we saw some really interesting kitchen layouts and some very effective layouts. Our team can help to fulfill your needs. From the design phase to the production phase.

the next prototype

Maybe you have a great idea and want to see that idea come to life. Feel free to contact us because we love new ideas and we can make that prototype for you. Our project management team is as hands-on as they come. Bringing new energy into every project and adding value every step of the way.


We are excited when we have a new project, but every new project needs to be within the possibilities offered by technology.

We would be the happiest if we could realize every new idea but the technology limits us sometimes.

We don’t just offer products to our customers.
We offer solutions.

We work with passion. Our products are reliable. Our products are timeless.

If you choose us to make something new, we will be standing by you from the first lines of the design to the last part of the implementation.

Explore our products and start designing your dream kitchen area with our company today!