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Your global partner for the food industry.

In 2011 we had one goal: to make the best stainless steel furniture for the food industry. From then we had so much ups and downs, but now we are proud that our products are one of the best in the business.

Our products range from stainless steel furniture to various kitchen equipment for all sectors of the food industry.

Why stainless steel you might ask?

If you want a non-porous surface coupled with the easy cleaning ability, stainless steel is the primary choice for applications which require strict hygiene control.


Easy to clean

Corrosion resistance

Resistance to cold and heat

Why choose us?

Client oriented team with 10+ years industry experience

We love to educate ourselves and everybody on the team. Our experience of 10+ years in the field helps us to make the best products for our clients. Our products are designed according to the latest trends and meet the international standards of quality and safety. Our constant quality improvement policy and technological development of our company help us to meet the highest standards.

Take a minute and read some of our client’s testimonials to convince you that we are one of the best:

The collaboration of our company with Gastrometal began in 2012 and in the years that have passed since then it has proven to be one of our most appreciated partners. We particularly appreciate the quality of the products (generally far superior to similar imported products), the openness to their continuous improvement based on the feedback from the market, the flexibility to make custom made products and, last but not least the ongoing support provided by the team.

SDS GROUP – Eduard Sipoteanu
Deputy General Manager

The services offered by Gastrometal are one of the best. If we need something personalized, they can help us. The products are high quality, the team has a good attitude and responds promptly to our requests for custom-made equipment. I would like to acknowledge in this way the professionalism of the Gastrometal team, they have people with practical solutions for our various needs and demands. Between the ups and downs we have developed a good connection between our businesses.

MDL – Nagy Ildiko
National Key Account Manager

We can say that we have relevant work experience with Gastrometal. Our first project was in 2011. Since then we have created an excellent workflow, from price requests to the production phase.

CROWN COOL – Cristian Maxim
Commercial Director

Our Products

You can find our products in various sectors of the food industry like restaurants, commercial kitchens, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, catering activities, patisseries, bakeries, ice cream parlors, bars, butchers, abattoirs, dairy production, and laboratories.

We offer a wide range of products: work tables in various configurations, work tables with built-in sinks, meat, fish and vegetable preparation tables, neutral work cupboards, storage cabinets, shelving units, wall shelves, a wide range of industrial sink units, professional hoods, self-service lines.

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ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2015 quality standard

Need something special? Say no more …

Custom made products

We make things work for you

We know that you want to maximize your space for productivity and effectiveness, that’s why we offer custom size products. Our experienced team can help you decide what the ideal placements are, and then produce your custom furniture.

We are proud that we can help integrate everything seamlessly into your kitchen.

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